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Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Modernity . . .

I've been thinking about modernity of late; and in particular our place within it. I've been thinking about it in purely physical terms:

1) A lone suicide bomber driving his/her car towards possible destruction;

2) the vista of London - viewed from Waterloo Bridge - populated with endless towering cranes, jutting out like urban foliage from the grey mass if the city;

3) the peculiar distance I feel from electronic entertainment consoles such as the Xbox 360;

4) the collective theater of Formula 1 racing;

5) themed bars in shopping centres;

6) air-conditioning units;

7) snazzy flat-screen monitors;

8) lavish TV adverts about cars (that are really about the male gaze and the objectification of women);

9) gauche satellite link-ups and stuffy conference calls in company boardrooms;

10) the random gathering of humans in sterile office blocks;

11) bathroom cabinets stuffed with pills and medications and effervescent mixtures used to motivate production;

12) the bored individual staring into a flat-screen monitor whilst emailing his bored friend in another department or office block or city or country about how boring his/her day is;

13) the digital clock in the bottom right-hand corner of every PC and Mac dictating the comings and goings of the average uniform office;

14) single use, single sided, 52x speed, 700mb, 80 mins CDRs with Lifetime Guarantees;

15) powdered, flavoured soup drunk from coffee mugs during working hours i. e., at the desk or in the company kitchen;

16) gastropubs;

17) the new Wembley Stadium;

18) waiting rooms: especially those in Airports (strangely called terminal departure lounges) – the tapping of feet, the biting of nails, the collective thoughts of death, destruction, physics and failure. Or Health Centres – the random coughs and groans, the irritable child, the stench of decaying flesh, warts, sores, seepage, cell deterioration and multiplication;

19) in-store radio stations played on loops;

20) the inner glee I feel when phoning in sick at work;

21) road rage, aggressive driving, motorcyclists revving engines at pedestrians dawdling at pelican crossings;

22) acronyms;

23) the lone human being walking into the supermarket to purchase specially packaged meals for one and beer or single bottles of wine or spirits and paying for the transaction with a credit card;

24) fashion magazines;

25) the vainglorious facades created on egocentric sites such as facebook and myspace – the age of the electronic, digitized Walter Mitty. The death of personal triumph;

26) a disgruntled bookseller re-stocking the 3 for 3 table at the bookshop he/she’d rather not be working for as the suited individual picks up the latest mass-market title disrupting the display.

Modernity is all around us, it is everywhere, it repeats itself and it is never ending. For further information I would strongly advice some time with J. G. Ballard’s The Atrocity Exhibition.

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