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Thursday, 13 March 2008

Help Tao . . .

Tao Lin needs your help. Here, in his own words, are some things you can do for him:

1. review my books on amazon; in the review tell them they can buy the books from independent places and link to this page; the reviews should be funny and readable and it is not required the books be mentioned, only that you give the book 5 stars

2. blog about my books even if you hate me; hatred moves units, it distracts from existential despair and loneliness when people type a lot of abstractions to try to defeat someone else’s likes and dislikes, and people get ‘addicted’ to that, and it will not lead to violence since it is on the internet, and on blogs, and about books, so i think it is okay (this is what happens in the major print media like new york times, new york review of books, n+1, etc., except if you do it for me you can have at least some self-awareness of what i just typed about the function of this)

3. give my wikipedia page a ‘contents’ box to make it seem more professional and think of ways how i can get linked on boing boing or similar sites, they get something like 100 times more hits than gawker, i need to ‘move beyond’ gawker maybe

4. create ‘inside jokes’ with friends where you just keep saying my name or ‘invoking my existence’ somehow in a way that is pointless and then becomes funny; for some reason this works, if you keep talking about one person who you don’t know at all, or only know a little, eventually it will become ‘fun,’ i don’t know, maybe this only works for some people and maybe it won’t work on me since i’m publicly self-aware or something

5. *long term* if you are in high school right now go to college, major in journalism, get internships at professional places, work very hard, get a position at the new yorker or something and network a lot then leave and start your own thing and write about me *long term*

i can’t really think of anything else that can be done

things will be done

i would like a large amount of people that i don’t want to communicate with, don’t want to think about or acknowledge, and don’t already know to promote my career very hard for me, so that i can socialize half the day if i want to and sometimes lay in bed when i wake in the afternoon and listen to music for two hours or read a book sometimes and still have large amounts of time every day to focus on my novel (5-7 uninterrupted hours); with a steady cash flow i will focus more on projects and things that contribute to projects

this is like a fellowship or grant but i’m being direct

this is like an honest version of the guggenheim that also eliminates the money and application parts of it, which makes me generally ‘good’ in your view, since you are probably ‘against’ capitalism and having to apply for things (applications lead to choices based not on concrete reality but on abstractions like race, etc., maybe)

read intern #108’s blog, i like it

thank you for promoting my career for me

You’re welcome, Tao.

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